My Non-Tech Reading Recomendations

Recently I was talking with a friend about my favorite books in the areas of fun hacking fiction and books that have impacted the way I work and think so I decided to compile this list and share it.

One of my favorite authors is Cory Doctorrow, I have to admit for a long time I have called him my favorite left wing nut, but with all the revelations of the last year and what I have seen about governments and businesses I no longer jokingly call him that since now I know he has been screaming at us what would go wrong when we close our eyes and refuse to see will cause if we do not take action. I still do not agree with everything he says and the way he sees the world but I do thank him for opening my eyes on a lot of stuff. Books I recommend:

Another author that exposes some areas of thought and to meditate on is Daniel Suarez. My Favorite books from him I recommend are:

I also love fiction books by people in the community and this have to be my favorites: * Zero Day: A Jeff Aiken Novel - * Trojan Horse: A Jeff Aiken Novel - * Operation Desolation: A Short Story - * Counting from Zero -

A good Tom Clancy book could not be left out:

When it comes to how to handle adversity I cannot look any further than the men and women that sacrifice so much for their nation and us the citizen, these are our armed forces. Books that have taught me to think outside the box are:

From a self improvement side I have listened and read a couple I recommend:

This one just reminds me we knew and just turned blind eye and let it get worst:

I know they are not technical, but not everything in life can be work can it? Hope you find some titles you like, from my library these are the ones I liked the most and in some way or form influenced me in my day to day life and hope they do to for you.