Good Karma == Good Karma Plan

I would like to define my plan of self improvement for this year. The plan is a simple one:

Good Karma == Good Karma

Now what do I mean by it, as I participate more and more in the local and in the global security community in general I have noticed that I have lost energy in petty debates and spent to much time wasting energy in areas I should not and on people who I should not waste time with.

The community is a great one, in an area of very fast and exiting research, but sadly like most community there is a lot of squabble mainly do to the lack of control of the dreaded monster of "Ego". We do stuff wanting to hear from others, we want to speak in conferences to get attention, we use titles so as to hype what we do, we go to cons to party more than what we spend learning from others in it, we do so much stuff that frankly does not help much the problem and in fact many times we device greater problems to threaten security than fix it because it is sexier in the eyes of others to break than to solve and fix.

My plan for this year is simple:

  • Learn of as many areas of my field and subjects outside of it as much as I can with passion and with an open mind.
  • Share as much as I can by teaching what I learned and be open to change and improvement as I progress since others will help (in good and bad nature) by pointing out where I do.
  • Don't value myself and my work by other but on how useful it is to me and how I use it, both in research and on what I built.
  • Help others to learn.
  • Be polity and forth coming to those starting, in other words mentor and not be a diva.
  • Don't worry about the re-tweet, the page hit ..etc but worry about learning and being able to teach what I learn so as to master it.

The logic is a very simple one, spend time doing what is of value to me and to others by learning, teaching and bettering my self, because by doing that I help the community grow, doing good by my self will mean I do good to other and int he long wrong help the community, waste my time on the few with egos and worry about how other see me I do not improve myself, nor others in the community. So no rockstars for me, no divas only friends and people I can learn from and help.