Updated Karmetasploit Attack Script

Here is the version of the script that will use the DigiNinja Karma patch for atheros, I find it a more flexible and reliable alternative to airbase-ng, but it will be limited to atheros cards for all other aircrack supported cards the modes that use airbase-ng can be used, plus fixed the path issue with Metasploit. Hope you guys like it. Here is the link to the script with the changes:
if you changed the kernel modules of your BT3 install you can get the patched modules of madwifi with digininja's karma patch and the patch from aircrack-ng here:
/madwifi-r37 … g-patc.lzm
I do have to say that digininjas karma patch is a must for anyone using an atheros card and is doing wireless client side attacks.
Karmetasploit AP launcher by Carlos Perez for Backtrack3
Version 0.3
usage: kmsap.sh

-m : Every mode is a different approach of the attack.
km for regular karmetasploit attack using airbase-ng
kmf for filtered attack where only targeted
clients can associate to the fake AP using the
filter file.
kma for karmetasploit attack using DigiNinja patched
madwifi drivers.
kmaf for karmetasploit attack using DigiNinja patched
madwifi drivers and mac address filtering.
-i : Interface supported by aircrack-ng for injection
-f : Text file with mac addresses of client computers
permited to connect to the fake AP used with kmf and
kmaf modes, on mac address per line.
-s : SSID name used as the initial broadcast
-r : Metasploit Resource Script (Optional)
-h : This help message

Note: mode and interface are required for all types of attacks and -f for filtered attacks