DiGiNinga Karma Patch for Atheros Cards ROCKS!!!!

I have been playing with the karma patch that DiGiNinja coded for the Madwifi-ng kernel modules for Atheros wireless cards. This allows us to set our Atheros wireless card to respond to any request broadcast from wireless client as if we are the AP they are looking for, in addition we will broadcast the SSID as if we are the AP to see if any other client in the area is looking for the network. This patched kernel modules are in BT3 and in iPwn OS that HD Moore uses for his mobile laptops, and I have to say this patch is a must for any serius pentester. I decided to make an lzm for Backtrack 3 after being foolish enough to over write the modules with a clean install of madwifi.
The features that it adds are as follows:

  • Karma functionality
  • SSID Blacklist and Whitelist
  • MacAddress Blacklist and Whitelist
As a pentester this gives you the flexibility to target your attacks and be able to follow strict Rules of Engagement allowing you to only attack machines wich you are allowed to attack, the SSID's and MAC's can be added dynamically so you do not have to stop your attack. The commands that I found are as follows:
Enabling and Disabling Karma:
  • iwpriv atho karma 1 (Enable Karma)
  • iwpriv ath0 karma 0 (Disable Karma)
  • iwpriv ath0 get_karma (Get status of Karma)
MAC Address Whitelisting and Blacklisting:
  • iwpriv ath0 maccmd 1 (Sets the card in whitelist mode)
  • iwpriv ath0 maccmd 2 (Sets the card in Blacklist mode)
  • iwpriv ath0 maccmd 0 (Disable all MAC filtering modes)
  • iwpriv ath0 addmac (Adds mac address to the list)
  • iwpriv ath0 kickmac (Removes MAC Address form the list)
  • iwpriv ath0 maccmd 3 (Clears the entire MAC Address list)
SSID Whitelisting and Blacklisting:
  • iwpriv ath0 karma_bw 0 (Sets the card in Blacklist mode)
  • iwpriv ath0 karma_bw 1 (Sets the card in Whitelist mode)
  • iwpriv ath0 get_karma_bw (Get status of Blacklisting and Whitelisting Mode)
  • iwpriv ath0 addkarmassid (Adds SSID to the list)
  • iwpriv ath0 clrkarmalist 0 (Clears SSID List)