Metasploit 3.2 VBA Support for generating Payloads

Well Metasploit 3.2 is looking every time better and better, one feature I missed was that now you can encode your payloads in to VBA (visual basic for applications) code and inbed the code into a Office Document for clientside attacks during a pentest.

Usage: ./msfpayload [var=val]

you can even create a Javascript payload for generating malicious webpages or HTML documents that can be send to targets.

an example would be:
/msf3/msfpayload windows/shell_bind_tcp LPORT=5555 V > evilmacro.vba
then we take the content of the file generated and paste it in Tools >Macros >Visual Basic Editor in Word or Excel and send our file to our target machine, the default policy of the latest version of Office is to disable macros but thru human weakness and a bit of social engenieering the target may enable or already enabled himself Macros and set the security to low. Once open our payload will execute.

But what if we whant to use something like a Core Impact Agent or any other tool, well whe just head over to the tools folder and inside we will find exe2vba.rb

Usage: ./exe2vba.rb [exe] [vba]

Don't you just love Metasploit? I highly recomed the securityteam blog since from them is from who I learned about this feature.