Tip on Using My GitHub Repos

I was recently asked what would be the best way to use my Metasploit projects in a an easy manner, so I will share how I did my setup for both OS X and Backtrack for using my plugins and modules. Let start first with creating a Development folder in the users home directory to house the GitHub repos

mkdir ~/Development

After this you can clone the repos in to this folder:

cd ~/Deveolpment
git clone https://github.com/darkoperator/Metasploit-Plugins.git msf_plugins
git clone https://github.com/darkoperator/Meterpreter-Scripts.git msf_modules

Now we can link the modules to our ~/.msf4 directory so we can use them transparently with any instance of the framework we might be running on the machine:

ln -s ~/Development/msf_plugins/ ~/.msf4/plugins
ln -s ~/Development/msf_modules/ ~/.msf4/modules

To keep them updated is just a simple git pull in each directory to get the latest changes and bug fixes.