Airport's and Karmetasploit

I recently had to go to several Central American countries to do some consulting work, while waiting for a connecting flight at the Panama airport I notice a wallpaper that was very familiar to me, the Backtrack3 Default wallpaper and even more familiar what was running on a terminal window, it was karmetasploit I watched for a while as the kid was gathering info from unsuspecting people, as I saw from my seat I could make passwords from tweeter account from people using their iphones, I even saw the kid saving the cookies and using them on Firefox by pasting them on a extension installed on his browser, I could see all of this since he was not being careful and putting his back to one of the walls, I was sitting right behind the kid and he didn't even noticed. So guys be careful with what your browser and machines sends automatically in wifi networks you might never know who is next to you just waiting for you to fire up your browser, a good recommendation have wireshark run on your laptop while you connect to your wireless at home and see if it is sending any info it should not be sending out, be careful out there scripkiddies are everywhere.